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Cabinet Resources: Guide to Furniture Styles

Guide to Furniture Styles Header

Over the course of history of the United States, each era has a unique and distinctive style. For example, the colonial period of the United States found the country to be young and adventurous. Many new inventions took place during this era, and the education system, clothing and political environment, just to name a few of the categories that were unique to that era.Just like the clothing, educational system and political climate was unique during the colonial period, so was the furniture.

In fact, there are several different time periods in the United States. From Early American to more contemporary Victorian, each era has a unique style of furniture. While there are several different furniture styles based on the era of the country, we have highlighted only a few of the better known furniture styles. Enjoy the information, descriptions and images of some of the well-known furniture styles in the United States.

Early American Style Furniture

Early American Style Side Table

Early American furniture is characterized by furniture made between 1640 and 1700. This type of furniture was some of the first furniture that was made in the newly settled British colonies. This type of furniture can be described as simple furniture made from the trees of the new settlement. Most of this style of furniture was made with a darker finish and can be characterized as sturdily made.

Queen Anne Style Furniture

Queen Anne Style Wing Chair

Furniture made between the years of 1700 and 1755 are considered the Queen Anne style of furniture. This style of furniture was noted for a graceful look and a unique foot. This style of furniture was named after Queen Anne of England who ruled during the early 1700's.

Colonial Style Furniture

Colonial Style Dining Set

The Colonial furniture style was named after the colonial period of the United States. The timeline of Colonial furniture was from 1700 to 1780, which roughly mirrors the pre-independence period of United States history. This type of furniture took some of the characteristics of other styles of furniture, and made some subtle changes. However, it can be stated that overall, it was a simpler, more conservative style of furniture than furniture in Europe during the same time frame.

Federal Style Furniture

Federal Style Table in Hallway

The Federal style of furniture was generally during the years of 1780 to 1820. While taking some of the characteristics of other styles of the era, the Federal style was unique. Federal style furniture is described as having straighter lines in its look and was constructed of lighter materials than previous styles.

Shaker Style Furniture

Classic Shaker Style Buffet

From the years 1820 to 1860, one of the most popular furniture styles in the United States was the Shaker style. This type of furniture was a very simple and conservative style of design. The basic look had many straight lines and very simple knobs and other elements. The Shaker furniture was originally produced by a religious group in the United States.

Victorian Style Furniture

Victorian Style Armchair

The Victorian style was popularized from 1840 to 1910. Victorian furniture was named after England's Queen Victoria who was ruler in the late 1800's. Victorian furniture was known for having darker finishes and very elaborate and ornate designs. During this era, manufacturing of furniture due to the industrial revolution and changes in technology, became easier. Because of these changes in production, Victorian style furniture was more readily available to consumers.

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