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The Difference Between Curio, China and Display Cabinets

Differnece Between Curio China and Display Cabinets Header

One of the most common problems people have when looking to display their family collectibles is choosing what type of Display case, China or Curio cabinet they want. Each of these furniture pieces may serve a similar purpose, but there are distinguishing differences that set them apart from one another. You will want to know the difference of each before you decide what is right for your home. Each has their own unique features, so look around before deciding what type of cabinet is right for your home.

Curio Cabinets

Philip Reinisch Ambience 62257 Curio Cabinet

Curio cabinets are most often used to display items of importance that may or may not go along with the room's theme. Most of the time, people will display items that have sentimental value or that are important to them. That's because Curio cabinets are in themselves a work of art which can be passed down from generation to generation. Curios prevent dust and pests from destroying collector's items. People will often use these cabinets as a way to protect valuable family heirlooms, as well as display them, so that guests and family can enjoy them too. There are many different types of Curio cabinets, each with their own unique designs and benefits.

China Cabinets

Pulaski Wellington Manor 962300 China Cabinet

A China cabinet is very similar to a Curio cabinet, but most often china cabinets are used to display fine china dish sets. People with extensive collections of china may choose to display them rather than have them boxed away. Typically, china cabinets display china that will not be used, but some people like to have their fine china available to use for special occasions such as Christmas or Thanksgiving. They are usually more of a formal piece of furniture, so make sure that you have the proper ornamental decorations needed. China cabinets keep glassware away from dust and dirt so that they may be reused whenever needed.

Display Cabinets

Display cabinets are used to display just about anything that the owner can think of. Have a Christmas ornament your daughter made you in first grade? Show it off in the display cabinet. You will often find jewelry displayed in these cases, as well as art or other objects. Many restaurants and bakeries will use display cases in order to showcase the food they have available. To get a good idea of what a display case is, think of the department store glass cases that hold different products. Display cases come in a variety of sizes, with some even adapted to fit on nightstands or on counter tops. These are just a few differences that set display cases apart from China and Curio cabinets.

Asian Pastries in Glass Display Case

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