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What is an Electric Fireplace?

Electric fireplaces are designed to recreate the comfort and warmth of a wood fireplace without the danger of real fire, the mess of cleaning ashes or the expense involved with installing a flue and chimney. Many electric fireplace products use the cutting-edge technology of LED displays and ceramic heaters to create an experience that is very similar to the real thing. Additionally, modern electric fireplaces are much more energy efficient which translates into energy savings. They also incorporate safety features that minimize the risk of fire or burn injuries. is your leading source for high quality electric fireplaces and other home heating products that come from leading manufacturers like Classic Flame, Eagle Industries and Fire Sense, to name a few. Fire Place Spot also carries a wide selection of gel fireplaces that range in size from small tabletop centerpieces to large fire pits for outdoor use. These products use a clean burning gel fuel that gives off no visible smoke and is hot enough to function as a small space heater. Some gel fuels even burn in different colors.

Gel and electric fireplace products come in many different varieties and styles to match your heating needs and room décor. The main types of fireplaces on are shown below:


Mantel Electric Fireplace by Michael Amini

Electric Fireplace Mantels are designed to give the sophisticated elegance of a traditional fireplace without the mess. They bring a sense of elegance into your home and will quickly become the focal point of family gatherings.

TV & Media

TV and Media Fireplace by Furnitech

These specialized TV stands and entertainment centers include an electric fireplace insert. These fireplaces are installed to give maximum comfort and heat without damaging sensitive home theater components. These all-in-one solutions are also ideal for smaller spaces.

Fireplace Inserts

Electric Fireplace Insert by Duraflame

Breathe new life into an unused home fireplace by adding an electric or gel fireplace insert. These units fit seamlessly into an existing fireplace and give off the warmth and look of a roaring fire without the mess.

Gel Fireplaces

Modern Gel Unit by Anywhere Fireplace

Clean-burning gel fireplaces give you the aesthetic glow and warmth of a real flame without smoke, embers or other mess. We carry a wide variety of gel fireplaces in styles ranging from traditional mantels to modern wall-mounted units. We even have tabletop models for more intimate warmth.

Corner Fireplaces

Corner Electric Fireplace Mantel by Classic Flame

These corner fireplace mantels are designed to fit in the unused space of a room. This makes them ideal for apartments or other dwellings that are short on space. They come in a wide range of colors and styles to fit seamlessly into a room's existing décor.

Wall Mounted

Wall Mounted Fireplace by Burley

The modern streamlined elegance of wall-mounted fireplaces give you a stylish way to heat any room in your home while adding an eye-catching piece of art to an empty wall.

Electric Stoves

Electric Fireplace Stove by Muskoka

Enjoy the cozy warmth and comfort of a classic Franklin stove without the upkeep by adding an electric stove to your home. These stoves have a classic design and realistic simulated flame that keep your room warm with no need for ventilation.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Outdoor Fireplace by Pure Flame

Nothing enhances your outdoor gatherings more than a roaring bonfire, but for most people city laws and other concerns make this impossible. Our outdoor fireplaces burn clean with gel fuel, so you can enjoy the warmth and comfort of an outdoor fire with no cleanup or safety concerns.