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Collections on Display: A Kid's Guide to Collecting Things

Kids Guide to Collecting Things Header

Was there ever a time that your mom gave you a doll or an action figure, and you liked it so much you wanted more of it? Then you're on your way to becoming a bona fide collector! Many collectors, young and old, started out the same way: their parent gave them a toy, and another one, and another one, until the shelf is bursting with toys. Other collectors began collecting when their parents or grandparents passed down to them their own collection, such as stamps carefully placed inside an album. Regardless of how they started, collectors are people who take their interests in a whole new level. Take a look at why collecting is so cool, explore all the things you can collect, and create your very own collection.

The Perks of Collecting Things

One of the many benefits you can reap from collecting things is just having fun with it. Nothing beats seeing your collection, arranged neatly and carefully on a shelf or in albums, displayed for all the world to see. There is also that excitement from waiting for the next new toy or book that you are going to get. Another good thing about collecting is that while you are having fun, you get to learn so much as well. Many collectors learn so much about the things they collect that they become experts who people rely on to help them with their own collections. An even cooler thing about having your own collection is that you can convert it to cash after a few years, especially if your collection has classic vintages or customized one-of-a-kinds.

Fly High with Toy Collecting

There are different types of collections you can choose from to begin you own collection. One of the most popular types is the toys collection: dolls, action figures, and cars. Probably the most famous dolls to be collected are the Barbie dolls, all with unique costumes, hairstyles, and accessories. Some collectors would even display their Barbie dolls complete with their own dollhouses. Boys, on the other hand, like collecting figures of their favorite superheroes, villains, or even robots. Some like collecting the little Matchbox cars that looks so much like the real cars.

Toys for the Kid at Heart

Some people who are “young at heart” enjoy collecting “old school” toys that kids no longer usually play with nowadays. These toys are called “vintage” or “antique” toys, and hold so much value because of their age and how well they were preserved. Some of these vintage toys would be marbles, toy trains and carriages, porcelain dolls, toy tea sets, or the funny Potato Heads. For many adults, these toys bring back the memories of when they were young. Some people collect vintage objects, but are not exactly toys, like PEZ dispensers. Even old coins and stamps remain to be some of the most popular things collected and stored inside picture albums to keep them safe and protected. In fact, a person who collects coins is called a numismatist, while a stamp collector is called a timbrophilist.

Collecting for the Sports Buff in You

For those who are sports enthusiasts, baseball cards, autographed pictures and balls, and other sports memorabilia are highly treasured. Baseball and basketball cards were particularly popular before, with the pictures of players shown on the card. Official jerseys were also included in the sports collection, as well as baseball bats, balls, and gloves that were actually used by famous players. Many memorabilia collectors would have their items stored in transparent glass shelves that can show off their treasured collection.

Boy and Grandfather Look at Coin Collection

Books are not Just for Reading

Girl with Stack of Books

For those who are not into sports but are into reading, collecting books is one of their pastimes. Many book collectors would hunt for first-edition books or the original copy that was produced earliest. Some collectors would look for rare books that are already out of publication. On some occasions, many publishing houses would keep a few, well-preserved copies of these collectible books, and book collectors find much fulfillment in buying them and getting them as their own. If a collectible book is kept well-preserved, it can fetch a hefty sum of money.

Explore Mother Nature through Collecting

Childs Hands Holding Rocks

For kids who are nature lovers, collecting things that come from Mother Nature will be especially fun. Rocks and leaves are popular examples of things that can be collected, as well as insects, lizards, and butterflies. Rocks and leaves are often kept in glass shelves to prevent anyone from touching them or destroying them. Butterflies and insects can be kept in an area that imitates their natural habitat, but can also be kept in glass casings when they are already dead. Collecting these natural objects and creatures also makes learning fun when it comes to studying geology, natural science, and biology.

More Collecting Ideas

Other people have rather different interests when it comes to collecting things. Some of these uncommon collections are yo-yo’s, Lego’s, posters, and even license plates of cars! Some people even collect all sorts of board games that survived throughout the decades. This just goes to show that there are so many things that you can collect, it just depends on what you are most interested in.

Get a Head Start on Your Collection

Collecting items is not only a fun pastime or a means to earn money, but it can even come in handy for school activities like show-and-tell or a science fair. You can show up to school with your collection of Matchbox cars and wow your classmates, or bring a rare insect you found and you might just win the blue ribbon at the science fair. If you do not know where to begin your collection, ask your mom or dad to help you out, or visit a museums where you can find something that will appeal to you. Below are some links that can give you and your parents some ideas on what to collect, and how to care for your collectibles. Have fun!

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