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Trusted Industry Education and Guidelines

Here educational and informative information on industry trends, furniture safety and education, as well as government organizations responsible for monitoring the furniture industry.

The latest in safety procedures that relate to small children and furniture are identified here for your information. The environmental impact of certain types of furniture is discussed along with resources for recalls on furniture products and the latest information on warnings in the industry as they may relate to chemicals used in production that might present a health risk.

So, if you are thinking about buying new furniture or already own existing furniture, this section will provide educational information on issues affecting the industry.

We offer safety tips, product reviews, government resources and ways to enjoy your new or existing furniture to the fullest.

Sofas and Sectionals Information and Education on the Home Furniture Industry

Please click on any of the topics below to read the valuable information provided. We hope you enjoy them and if you have any further questions please call our Comfort Specialists.


· Bureau of Electronic & Appliance Repair, Home Furnishings
· Consumer Product Safety Commission
· Safe Kids USA Parent Center
· Child Proofing and Safety at Home
· Child Proofing Professionals
· Consumer Alerts and Children's Safety
· Baby Safety and Product Recalls
· Securing Furniture for Earthquake Preparedness


· Environmental Protection Agency
· Formaldehyde in Wood Based Products
· US Department of Labor Safety and Health - Formaldehyde
· Protected Woods in Furniture
· Bed Bug Infestation
· Green Technologies
· Sustainable Home Furnishings
· Biodegradable Products Institute
· Chemicals in Composite Wood Products


· Household and Furniture Industry Index
· Upholstered Household Imports by Country
· High Point Furniture Market
· The Furniture Society
· Furniture Companies in North Carolina
· National Home Furnishing Association
· International Association of Bedding & Furniture
· Association of Woodworking & Furnishing Suppliers
· Furniture Masters
· The Furniture Industry Value Chain
· NC and the Global Economy
· US Census Bureau - Furniture Manufacturing


· International Furniture Rental Association
· US Chamber of Commerce
· Furniture Today
· National Furniture Bank
· Furniture Banks Across America
· Salvation Army
· Furniture Donation


· Ancient Egyptian Furniture
· US Chamber of Commerce
· The History of Furniture
· The History of Furniture in NC


· Furniture Design
· Furniture Making At MIT
· Cabinet & Furniture Making
· UC Davis Furniture Program
· Furniture Design at Indiana University
· Woodworking & Furniture Design - Maine College of Art
· Furniture Manufacturing at NC State University
· Furniture Standards - University of Chicago


· Typical Furniture Measurements
· Water Damage on Wood Furniture