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Finally A Recliner That You Can Sleep In: Flexsteel Zecliner

If you’re in the market for a new recliner that doubles as a comfortable sleeping surface, look no further than the Zecliner from Flexsteel Furniture. This innovative recliner is designed with a range of features to ensure maximum comfort and convenience, making it the perfect addition to any bedroom or living room. One of the […]

By Bruce PetersWed Feb 22 2023
Recline Into Shape

Recline into Shape: A Resource Guide to Crossfit

What is CrossFit? CrossFit is known as a conditioning and a strength brand that combines a multitude of disciplines. These disciplines are gymnastics, sprinting, weightlifting, kettlebell training, powerlifting, rowing, plyometrics, and even medicine ball training.  There is a belief system behind the CrossFit brand. This belief system comes down to the principle that a fit […]

By Bruce PetersFri Jan 31 2020
Invention of Television

John Logie Baird and the Invention of Television

A Scottish engineer, John Logie Baird was the inventor of the first publicly demonstrated and public television in the whole world. He was also the inventor of the first color, electronic television tube. His significant place in the invention of the television is secured by way of his achievements in displaying working television broadcasts. Baird’s […]

By Bruce PetersFri Jan 31 2020
Hanging Gardens of Babylon

A Comprehensive Guide to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon for Kids

Can you imagine a beautiful garden hanging down and growing from the balconies and rooftops of a gigantic palace? These were the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Two thousand years ago, travelers passed by marvelous sites, which they recorded, and eventually these amazing places were used as the basis for choosing seven world wonders. Ancient Greeks […]

By Bruce PetersFri Jan 31 2020
Feng Shui Guide

A Feng Shui Guide for Your Living Room

Feng shui can best be thought of as an ancient Chinese practice that some think employs the laws of Heaven as well as Earth to assist in improving the life of the average person. This improvement comes by way of getting some positive qi. The phrase feng shui can be taken as the literal meaning […]

By Bruce PetersFri Jan 31 2020

A Beginner’s Guide to Bird Watching for Couch Potatoes

Bird watching is a rather low key, but thoroughly enjoyable hobby that is practiced all around the United States and in many other countries as well. Bird watchers venture out into natural areas to spot new and interesting birds that they haven’t seen before. They may start out in places close to home, such as […]

By Bruce PetersFri Jan 31 2020
Furniture With Pets

Furniture Care With Pets

Owning a dog or cat can be a complete joy until he or she decides to destroy your furniture. While a bite or scratch on your sofa may not drain you of your love for your pet, it can get you to think twice about how often you let your pet around your personal belongings. […]

By Bruce PetersFri Jan 31 2020
Home Theather: A History of Independent Films

Home Theater: A History of Independent Films

An independent film or simply an indie film is known as a film production that is made mainly outside of a major film studio. This type of film production is meant to create a feature film. Independent films can also be a reference to art films, which are also films that are contradictory to many […]

By Bruce PetersTue Jan 14 2020