RATTAN by Braxton Culler

Braxton Culler is a family-owned and operated business, just like Sofas and Sectionals! Founded in 1975 on the principal of creating high quality Bench Craft custom upholstered rattan furniture. Bench Craft upholstery allows the furniture to be crafted by the same individual or team instead of a long assembly line process. Your new furniture is of the highest quality in the industry.

The Rattan furniture is made by hand. Sourced from the forest of the Philippines it begins its transformation. Each rattan pole is cleaned, sanded and readied for a hot steam bath. A soak in the steam canisters makes the poles flexible enough to bend and shape into the desired forms. Poles are shaped by hand. After the poles are shaped, pieces are assembled and handcrafted furniture emerges. When it comes to options Braxton Culler has it covered. Featuring over 800 fabrics and 25 wood finishes plus many other options such as slipcover, cushion cores, welting and much more.

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