Broyhill Furniture

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Sleeper Size
Introducing you to two of the world's largest custom upholstery manufacturers – Klaussner Home Furnishings and Hickory Craft Furniture – Broyhill Furniture is no longer available. Klaussner Home Furnishings has been producing quality furniture at an affordable price since 1926, and in 2007 was purchased by an investment group. They offer a higher quality product and a better selection at a lower price. Hickory Craft Furniture is the perfect choice for those who want to bring a touch of tradition and craftsmanship to their home. With over 40 years of experience in the foothills of North Carolina, Hickorycraft has been producing furniture the old-fashioned way – by hand, with attention to every detail. If you're looking for custom upholstery options, look no further than Klaussner Home Furnishings and Hickory Craft Furniture.

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