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Our Bruce Peters Sun Dial is a fun way to add interest to your garden for young and old alike. From the earliest shadow sticks to the obelisks used by the ancient Egyptians the sun dial has been has told time. The history of the sun dial is rich and this piece is too.

Durably made to stand the test of time. We made the actual face and dial are of cast aluminum, to ensure a rust proof and timely life throughout the seasonal tempests. The wide set base is sturdily made of forged iron. Don't worry, this sun dial won't be gone with the wind.

Elaborately crafted with such fine details on the base, stand and face. This fully functional piece of history is complete with direction, months, and minutes just to name a few. Inspiring, thought provoking and unique are a few things that come to mind when thinking about the origins of the sun dial. What a fascinating gift to share with family and friends who visit. Finished in an antique copper, it adds a lovely touch to any outdoor space.
We're Sorry, but this product is No Longer Available