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Learning English can be fun and also done in your home. The web is filled with "English as a Second Language" (ESL) educational sites. Many of these sites help students to learn through activities, games, songs, quizzes, puzzles and other similar types of learning tools. Variety and fun can really help to keep both a student's interest and attention. Although many websites may be geared more toward adults or children, they are often able to be used by both depending on the learning level of the student (beginner, intermediate or advanced). Thanks to the internet everything you desire to learn about ESL can be done right from the comfort of your own home.

Kids & Teens

Kids in an English Class with Flags
  • An ESL Children's Resource Site ��� The ESL Kids World website is filled with worksheets, flash cards, games, phonics and more.
  • ESL Kids Flashcards, Worksheets, Lesson Plans, Crafts & More! ��� The ESL Kid Stuff website offers you many printable flashcards, worksheets and craft sheets as well as online games and activities.
  • Have Fun Learning to Read! ��� The Starfall website uses phonics to teach children to read English. There are four different levels to choose from beginning with the ABC's.
  • ESL Stuff for Kids ��� ESL-Kids is a website featuring ESL songs, worksheets, flashcards and games.
  • English Alphabet Writing for Kids ��� The Fun Easy English website provides you with many fun ways to learn English including classroom instruction and alphabet writing.
  • ESL Fun Games Online ��� The ESL Games World website features many different fun interactive games and exercises to help you learn ESL.
  • Kids Lab of Video Tutorials ��� The English 4 Kids website offers free video tutorials for kids which are divided according to grades and levels.
  • ESL Lesson Materials for Kids ��� The ESL Galaxy website provides you with many options for learning ESL such as worksheets, PowerPoint lessons and games.
  • ESL Flashcards and More ��� The ESL for Kids website has many different categories of flashcards for you to choose from as well as games, videos and songs.
  • Learning Materials for Young Learners Through Pre-intermediate ��� The ESL Kids Lab website includes video lessons, printable worksheets, flashcards and phonics materials.
  • English for Kids ��� The English Club website offers you short stories to read and provides you with learning topics such as "Which Words Rhyme?"
  • ESL Activities for Kids ��� The Fun English Games website provides you with many fun ESL games to choose from such as "Odd One Out."
  • ESL Worksheets and Lesson Plans ��� The Scholastic website has lesson plans for grades Pre-K to eight but requires a subscription.
  • Educational Games ��� PBS is a fun website for kids and features games according to educational topic such as "Reading and Vocabulary."
  • Study and Reading Skills ��� The Brain Pop website offers a great section on study and reading skills and includes "Dictionary &Thesaurus" and "Paraphrasing."
  • Kids Games ��� The Learn English Kids website by the British Council features many vocabulary games for primary school children.
  • Online English Grammar Quiz ��� The Learn English Feel Good website provides you with an English grammar quiz as well as other activities to help you prepare for the TOEFL.
  • Fun, Interactive Online Games to Learn English ��� The MES-Games website offers fun and free grammar, vocabulary and phonics games as well as worksheets and videos.
  • English Vocabulary Games with Pictures ��� The Many Things website provides you with vocabulary games with pictures such as "Matching Animals."
  • Learn English the Fun Way! ��� Mingoville is a fun and colorful website that teaches kids English online through games, songs and exercises.
  • Free Little Nex Educational Games ��� The Games 2 Learn English website features free Little Nex educational games such as "Animal Kingdom."
  • What's the Word? ��� The Fun Brain website has a great reading and vocabulary game as well as other reading help.
  • Vocabulary Learning Games ��� Learning Chocolate has many learning activities for you such as "Alphabet Phonics A-Z."


Adult ESL Class Around LaptopEmpty ESL Classroom
  • Great Ways to Improve Your English ��� The ESL Mania website offers you several different categories to choose from in order to help improve your English such as "Idioms" and "Accent Reduction."
  • Grammar Lessons ��� Dave's ESL Caf̩ is a wonderful source for ESL which features grammar lessons, idioms, phrasal verbs, pronunciation, quizzes and slang.
  • Free ESL Materials ��� The 1-Language website is filled with ESL resources such as a flash prep test for the TOEIC test and ESL flash games.
  • Activities for ESL Students ��� The Activities for ESL Students website offers grammar quizzes, vocabulary quizzes and crossword puzzles to help you learn ESL.
  • A Fun Place to Learn ESL ��� ESL Partyland is a fun tool for learning ESL which offers you quizzes, games and other tools.
  • The Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) ��� The Purdue website provides you with the Online Writing Lab which encompasses many English grammar and mechanics resources.
  • Speaking English ��� The English-at-Home website offers you many different topics to choose from such as "Real Life English" and "Speaking English."
  • English ��� The EZ School website can help you to learn many different parts of the English language such as "Common Words" and "Pronouns" through worksheets, games and other means.
  • BBC Learning English ��� The BBC website features lots of different ESL options such as quizzes and "6 Minute English."
  • ESL Study Zone ��� The University of Victoria website has the "Study Zone" available to anyone. You pick your English language level, a language topic and a lesson.
  • The Sentence ��� The DeAnza College website provides you with valuable information on sentences, verbs, tenses, punctuation and many other important English topics.
  • ESL Blues ��� The website offers fun ways to learn ESL such as animated grammar and double quizzes.
  • ESL Cyber Listening Lab ��� Randall's ESL Lab is an excellent way to learn ESL and is filled with listening quizzes and vocabulary lessons.
  • Improve Your English Language Skills ��� The Academic English Caf̩ website has categories for you to choose from including: Quizzes, Writing, Essays, Handouts, Links, Bookstore and Lessons to help you learn ESL.
  • Exercises Online for English Practice ��� The English Media Lab website offers free ESL learning games, quizzes and videos.
  • Activities for ESL Students ��� The ESL Wonderland website offers listening, reading and grammar/integrated activities for students.
  • Free English Language Learning Resources Online ��� The ESL Monkeys website provides you with ESL study materials grouped into small tools, big tools and interactive tools. They even offer an online English story room.

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