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Furniture Design Tips

Conserving Energy in the Home with Interior Design Tricks

These days, the variety of building materials and eco-friendly design options make it easier than ever to go green indoors. Paint, flooring, lawn care, and furniture can all be used to create an energy efficient home.

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Create Your Own Furniture: A Resource Guide to Beginnning Woodworking

Woodworking consists of constructing or decorating something from wood. Woodworkers use a variety of tools and materials to accomplish the creation of an imagined project. Seasoned woodworkers recommend beginners to start woodworking with basic tools and then gradually add bigger equipment with the acquisition of advanced skills.

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Creating Furniture and More: A Guide to Woodcarving

Woodcarving is a form of woodworking that is capable of transforming an ordinary block of wood to a sculpture or any ornamental object. It appears that woodcarving has long been used as a means of expression as well.

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Cross-Stitching Basics

Cross-stitch is a type of needlework that is used to decorate fabrics or other items. It is quite distinctive by its stitches which all feature an X shape. Think of cross stitches as an early version of computer screen pixels. Based on how the artist puts many X stitches together, they can form any number of patterns, shapes, and even images that look almost like photographs.

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Curio Cabinets That Will Break the Bank

Antique Curio cabinets from China are some of the most sought after pieces of furniture worldwide. Chinese artisans are known for their superior cabinet craftsmanship. Chinese curio cabinets offer a beautiful classic style, as well as offering unmatched practicality.

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Design Ideas For Small Apartments

A new trend of extremely small, or micro, apartments is growing across the U.S. and in many places around the world. While small apartments are not a new occurrence, cities such as New York are planning apartments 300 square feet or smaller to meet the growing population needs.

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Did You Know? China Cabinets are not Originally from China

China cabinets were made first by the best furniture craftsmen in both America and Europe. These early cabinets were, and still are, considered to be an important creation. In their day, they became so popular that they quickly spread to both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, but people still think that china cabinets were first created in China.

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Dining Etiquette Guide: Making a Good Impression

Proper dining etiquette is not often required but is still important. A person's manners at the dining table are an indication of his character for most people. This is true regardless of the purpose of the meal, whether it is for a job interview, a business meeting or impressing a date. Knowing proper dining etiquette is necessary to leave a good first impression.

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Directors Budgets and Rate of Return

So, you want to make a large budget theatrical film. Which modern director will give you the most bang for your buck?

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