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If you've ever watched your parents taking care of the car, you'll notice that they regularly fill it with gas or sometimes take it to a mechanic. A car also needs to be driven regularly or else it could become rusty and break down. We can think of our bodies in a similar ways ��� like a machine, they need to be regularly exercised and fed in order to work well. There are many ways to exercise our bodies. We can do this through group sports like football or basketball, or individual sports like running or swimming. We can also try other activities like playing tag with friends or walking the dog. Sometimes the whole family can be active together by going for a hike to explore an outdoor area. When it comes to food, there are many delicious dishes that are simple enough for kids to cook. The trick is to pay attention to the ingredients and make sure that they are healthy. For example, instead of eating chocolate chip cookies, try a fruit smoothie. It still tastes great, but fills the body with minerals, fiber, and vitamins, instead of just sugar and fat. The resources here will help provide some inspiration of how you can be active and healthy every day.

Get Active

  • Boy in Orange Shirt Doing PushupsFind a Sport!��� Not sure what sport to get involved in? Have a look at a huge list with detailed descriptions to develop an idea of what you might enjoy.
  • Things to Do��� Find ideas for all sorts of fun things to do, from exploring outdoor areas to playing and sports.
  • The Kids' Fitness Challenge ��� Try a crazy, fast-paced fitness challenge at home and see if you can keep up!
  • Physical Activity ��� This fitness website for kids includes plenty of games, challenges, tips, and advice.
  • Exercise Inspiration ��� This website provides advice on what to include in a home exercise program.
  • Create a Workout ��� Use an online planner tool to create your very own customized workout routine.
  • How to Get Active��� Follow these tips that will help kids become fit in a healthy manner.
  • Train Your Body��� View a chart that lists different exercises and the benefits that each offers, then try out the suggested activities.
  • Circus Sports��� Kids who love the circus should try these fun circus activities that will also give their bodies a good workout!
  • Become Good at Sports��� Many kids say they don't really like sports. Find out why and how to turn the situation around.

Be Healthy

  • Cooking for Healthy Bones ��� Find recipes for meals or snacks, all designed to keep your bones strong and healthy.
  • All About Food��� Learn about food myths, portion sizes, calories, and healthy eating.
  • Recipes for Active Kids ��� Make these healthy snacks to help you power up again after exercising.
  • Leafy Veggies ��� See why leafy veggies that are dark green in color are extremely healthy.
  • Whole Grains (PPT) ��� Whole grain products are better than refined grains because they offer far more fiber and nutrients.
  • Kids' Nutrition Resources ��� Learn all about healthy eating with these fun games, recipes, puzzles, quizzes and plenty more.
  • Food Coloring Sheets��� Print and color these pictures that remind kids about the importance of eating fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Balance Your Meal��� In this online game, kids have to sort all the foods into the right categories to create a balanced plate.
  • Home Exercise Suggestions��� This website features a list of suggestions that people can do for home exercise.
  • Food Group Mobile (PDF) ��� Try this craft with a parent to create a hanging mobile that displays the different food groups.
  • The Taste Buddies ��� A colorful group called the Taste Buddies teach children about identifying, growing, cooking, and eating healthy foods.


For Parents

  • Sugary Snacks (PDF) ��� This website explains how people can exercise at home.
  • Healthy Eating��� Find out how to get even the pickiest of eaters to munch on nutritious balanced meals.
  • Kids' Fitness ��� Kids can become better motivated to be active and fit when their parents join in too.
  • Fitness Ideas ��� Browse through some versatile ideas for incorporating fitness into different activities.
  • Introducing Kids to Sports ��� Parents can work together with their kids to find a sport that their child will enjoy and learn from.
  • Active Family Time��� Find some simple but effective ideas on how to make family time more active.
  • Food and Exercise��� Use an online calculator to figure out how much children should eat based on their body size and activity levels.
  • Home Exercise Suggestions��� This website features a list of suggestions that people can do for home exercise.
  • Preparing Lunches��� Making creative, healthy snacks and lunches for kids to take to school is an excellent way to help them avoid junk food served in the cafeteria.
  • Food Awareness ��� Parents can use these free printables to teach their children about food and nutrition values while shopping for groceries.



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