Math Games

Whether you are home from school sick or on break from school or there's no school because it's a snow day, there's plenty to do to keep your mind sharp and keep from being bored. Math games can help you learn important skills and be fun at the same time. A comfy sofa can be the perfect place to play some cool math games.

Elementary Math Games

First-graders can enjoy a rousing game of basketball while practicing counting skills at the same time.

Math Games

Math Man

Kids in grades four and five can practice math problems featuring order of operations in this Pac-Man-style game.

Addition With Manipulatives

This marble math addition game helps kids in kindergarten through second grade learn addition facts.

The Traffic Jam Game

Kids in elementary school can practice logic and strategy with this simple yet fun game that features cars that need to move out of a traffic jam.

Math Baseball

One or two players can practice basic addition with math baseball. A correct answer gets a hit!

Feed the Factor Tree

Help older kids in elementary school learn factors with this game for two players. The player with the most points wins.

Fireworks Counting

Young kids can practice counting skills by setting off fireworks in this exciting math game.

Subtraction Bowling

Children in first and second grade can practice subtraction while bowling. The game continues until no pins are left standing.

Math Games

Math Eggs: Prime Numbers

Chickens lay eggs with numbers in this game, and fourth- and fifth-graders need to collect the eggs with prime numbers on them.

Fraction Splat

Middle-school and older elementary-school students can work on their fractions with this game. Choose the right math expression, either fractions or mixed numbers.

Math Bingo

Kids of all ages can play math bingo with addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division facts.

Math Games

Snowball Fight

This game presents a math problem and asks kids to throw snowballs at the character with the answer on their shirt.


Kindergarten children can learn addition and subtraction with this game of caterpillars and butterflies.

Connect 3

Practice addition for young elementary-school children with this simple counting game.

Sleuths on the Loose

Kids can learn measuring with this fun game that involves measuring a dragon.

The Ruler Game

Children can learn about measuring objects with a ruler in this measuring game.

Pattern Blocks

This pattern block game asks children to play with designing shapes and figures with pattern blocks.

Ice Blocker

This shape game asks kids to combine cubes to make shapes.

Save the Apples

Kids can choose from addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division for this game of saving apples from a crocodile.

Can You Dig It?

Children choose a fact family and then must dig out the answer to multiplication problems.

Fraction Models

A math machine lets children explore mixed numbers, improper fractions, decimals, and percentages.

Percentage Game

This interactive game board assigns a percentage, then children must fill the game board with colored squares to match the given percentage.

Math Games

Falling Numbers

This leaf game presents a fraction of a whole, and children must fill a box with leaves to match the fraction.

Cross the River

Children must match the fraction shown with another fraction to help the game character cross the river.

Fraction Monkeys

Elementary-school students can practice using fractions and matching equal fractions with this monkey game.

Drag Race Division

Gather several upper-elementary-grade students to play against each other while practicing division skills.

Give the Dog a Bone

Early-elementary-school students must find 10 bones hidden in the chart in less than one minute.

Integer Train

Kids in the early grades can follow instructions for adding numbers of cars to build a train.

Broken Calculator

Older elementary-school students might enjoy a timed challenge of solving math problems with a broken calculator.

Fruit Splat Compare Equations

This game involves equation comparisons for children to solve. Earn points with right answers!

Find a Friend

Third-graders must find an animal hiding behind a number wall by clicking tiles to match target numbers.

Number Cruncher

This game offers a variety of skill levels for any age. Play by reaching a goal number in the given number of steps.

Addition with Regrouping

Kids in fourth or fifth grade who are learning to add large numbers can practice with this story problem game.

Soccer Shootout

Children in the early elementary grades shoot soccer balls at a goalie by choosing balls with numbers that are 10 more or less than the number on the goalie's shirt.

Undersea Operations

All elementary-school children can learn with these undersea math games in areas such as counting money, place value, time, perimeter, and patterns.

Math Soccer