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Children can be a truly demanding audience and it is sometimes difficult to keep them both educated and entertained at the same time. Some parents have a hard time finding the right websites and resources to help make sure their children stay engaged and entertained, without all of the excess ads or temptation to visit other, non-productive websites. While television programs, movies, and video games are often the first choice parents make for entertaining their kids, there are some safe, informative websites out there that will help children have a good time while learning something in the process. This kind of constructive entertainment keeps kids busy, and encourages them to learn as much as possible with new information that only the Internet can provide. Through games, chat rooms, bulletin boards, and interactive activities, children are able to stay mentally active and get involved in the learning process.

Educational Games for Kids

The web is a figurative treasure trove of knowledge. There are countless websites available geared towards children on any number of subjects. Everything from science and history to mathematics, geography, and current events is discussed. Online games are available that can help kids learn all kinds of facts. These games may be played alone, others can be played with teams. There are quizzes, puzzles, and live-action type games that are designed to teach children about the world. These games are better than traditional video games, which often do not require children to learn or memorize anything. Parents and children can find a good compromise between just playing games on the computer and learning with educational games that allow children to demonstrate their knowledge of a subject and reinforce class material.

  • PBS Kids Games ��� At the PBS Kids Games site, children can choose their favorite educational game by character or subject matter.
  • NASA Kids Club ��� NASA offers many educational games and puzzles geared towards kids that will help them learn all about space and our solar system.
  • Place the State ��� This interactive game teaches children about the 50 US states.
  • Digging For Answers ��� A fun, educational game that encourages players to search and "dig" for their answers on the Smithsonian website.
  • CIA Games ��� An awesome collection of games from the CIA that includes a word puzzle, coloring book, photo analysis challenge, and more.
  • What Came First? ��� This fun interactive game from the BBC teaches children about history and time.
  • Interactive Geometry ��� A website with a great assortment of geometry-themed games that students can play online.
  • The Brain Explorer ��� Kids can test their memory and brain skills with a number of fun online games on this site.
  • Quizzes, Games, and More ��� This website has hundreds of awesome games, quizzes, and much more on a number of different educational topics.
  • Pyramid Blast Off Game ��� This fun game teaches children about the food pyramid and nutrition.
  • Kids Psych ��� This site has some developmental and education games for kids aged 6-9.
  • Educational Activity Resources ��� A large collection of resources and links to educational games, quizzes, puzzles, and much more.
  • Picture Match ��� Choose from a number of games to help kids learn about words and vowels, etc.
  • America On the Move ��� Take a journey through time and play this interactive game about American history.
  • Kanji Game ��� This game is designed to teach kids about the Japanese language.
  • Peg Game ��� A tough yet fun game that helps children develop their logic and strategy skills.
  • Save our Beach Game ��� This game is designed to teach kids about our beaches and animals that live there.

Learning Activity Websites for Kids

The Internet is packed with plenty of interesting, informative websites with various learning based activities for kids of different skill levels and age groups. With a few clicks, your child can read about history, learn about science, discover the stars, and much more. Through interactive WebQuests, slideshows, videos, Internet scavenger hunts, and more; children can learn a whole lot of new and exciting information, while staying entertained. These activities can help supplement kids' every day school curriculum, and can help them to learn new things that they may not have otherwise learned in another format.

  • Activity Sheets ��� Here are some interesting and exciting activity sheets kids can download and print to help them discover a number of different things about our world.
  • Art Zone ��� Discover art and artwork with this awesome, engaging site.
  • Coast Guard Coloring Books ��� This interactive game teaches children about the 50 US states.
  • Energy Kids ��� Tons of fun activities for kids all about energy use.
  • Disaster Games and Activities ��� From FEMA, these games are meant to educate children about how to be prepared for disasters.
  • Pocket Change ��� Cool games and other activities from the US Mint about currency and money.
  • Ice Cream Inc. ��� Kids can teach themselves about running a business with this cool activity.
  • Map Stats ��� You can learn about the United States through these fun games and activities.
  • Census for Kids ��� This memory game/activity teaches kids how the US Census works.
  • Biology Activities ��� These educational activities help teach children about animals and biology.
  • Math, Science, and History ��� This website is packed with activities and links for students of all ages on a number of topics.
  • Peace Corps Challenge ��� A fun, interactive activity that educates kids about the Peace Corps and its mission.
  • Patents and Trademarks ��� Learn all about inventions, patents, and trademarks on this site that is packed with games, puzzles, and more.
  • Jefferson's Ice Cream ��� This is the actual recipe Thomas Jefferson had for making ice cream! Kids can make their own by following the easy directions.
  • You are Here ��� A virtual mall that teaches kids how to be smarter consumers.
  • Animal Coloring Pages ��� Print and color these fun imaginative animal pages.
  • Exploring Light ��� Learn all about light and optics with this exciting website.
  • Highlights Kids ��� This classic magazine now has an online website with plenty of educational activities.
  • Reading Planet ��� An excellent website with good educational material to help kids learn to read.