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Furniture and d̩cor are key in setting the standard for the style and ambiance of a room. With so many styles to choose from, the best way to start is to think of a concept for the room. Inspiration can come from anywhere, and it may help to collect a few scraps of fabrics or color swatches to put together a color palette for the room�۪s design. Personal taste can be wonderful to incorporate into the d̩cor, and it is the little personal touches that make a room unique.

Decorating Do�۪s and Don�۪ts

  • Decorating Basics ��� A breakdown of the basics of decorating, including how to decide on color schemes, lighting, accessories and furniture.
  • 10 Tips for D̩cor ��� A slideshow demonstration of ten simple tricks that anyone can put into practice to improve a room�۪s d̩cor.
  • Do�۪s and Don�۪ts to Maximize Functionality ��� A printable checklist and color wheel to help homeowners keep in mind the key points of decorating.
  • Handy Woman with Paintbrush
  • Painting a Room ��� All the main points you need to know about painting a room, as well as what to look out for.
  • Interior Design for Renters ��� Rented houses or apartments come with plenty of restrictions about how much the space can be modified. This guide lists several tips on how to make the most of a rented home.
  • Interior Design Myths ��� A list of popular decorating myths with explanations of what to do and what to ignore.
  • Window Treatments ��� A guide on how to make the most of the natural light in your rooms with appropriate window treatments.
  • Decorating on a Budget ��� An introduction to combining vintage and new pieces to create a unique, personal style.

Decorating Tips

  • Drafting a Decorating Plan ��� Before jumping in with paints and fabrics, it is a good idea to plan a room�۪s d̩cor and budget.
  • Designer Color Palettes ��� A series of nine designer color palettes to help provide inspiration for room color choices.
  • Decorating as a Couple ��� Tips on how to combine the personal preferences of each person in a relationship to make the most impact on a room�۪s d̩cor.
  • Speed Decorating ��� A series of tips on how to quickly change the appearance of the room.
  • Green Interior Design Tips ��� Environmentally-friendly ways to decorate a room and still make it look smart.
  • Feng Shui Decorating Tips ��� Use Feng Shui design principles to organize the flow of your home or even an individual room.

Couple Moves Orange Couch into Home

Living Room Decorating Ideas

Dining Room Decorating

  • Dining Room Styling Tips ��� A six-page article on how to decorate a dining room based on its intrinsic style.
  • Dining Room Wallpaper ��� A gallery demonstrating the marked impact that well-chosen wallpaper can have on different styles of dining rooms.
  • Modern Dining Room Designs ��� A look at ten modern and elegant dining rooms that show off very different styles.
  • Dining Room Before & Afters ��� Before and after photographs and explanations of how typical unplanned dining rooms can be transformed into beautiful spaces.
  • 3-Step D̩cor ��� A simple introduction on how to decorate an empty dining room.
  • Remodeling the Dining Room ��� A list of the basic elements of dining room design, with an image gallery to illustrate the different styles.
  • Accessorize the Dining Room ��� A brief article on how to accessorize and create a touch of intimacy in the dining room with found objects.
  • Choosing Dining Room Chairs ��� An article on how to choose dining room chairs in terms of dimension, design and finish.
  • How to Pick a Dining Room Rug ��� The dining room rug is typically a very prominent piece and should be chosen with great care.

Bedroom Decorating

  • Bedroom Decorating Plan ��� Learn how to come up with a decorating plan before tackling the bedroom.
  • Master Bedroom Do�۪s and Don�۪ts ��� A guide on how to correctly approach fabrics, headboards and more in the master bedroom.
  • Bedroom Decorating Articles ��� A series of innovative bedroom design images and helpful articles and advice from Martha Stewart.
  • Design Ideas for Small Bedrooms ��� Browse through this series of designer tips on how to make small bedrooms appear more spacious.
  • Arranging Bedroom Furniture ��� A simple list of advice on how to arrange bedroom furniture in the master bedroom as well as children�۪s or teens�۪ rooms and guest bedrooms.
  • Bedroom Design Rules ��� Do�۪s and don�۪ts and helpful design rules to help plan a bedroom with the most esthetic appeal.
  • Creative Bedroom Lighting ��� Lighting in a bedroom doesn�۪t necessarily mean one ceiling bulb and two standard bedside lamps. Have a look at this list of creative and funky bedroom lighting ideas.
  • Bedroom Design Inspiration ��� A collection of articles, links and photo galleries featuring bedroom design ideas, before & after makeovers, ideas for children�۪s bedrooms and more.
  • Bedroom Storage Ideas ��� Instead of tossing everything into the closet, try some of these innovative storage designs to keep the bedroom mess-free.


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