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Rainy day activities are for those days when the sun doesn�۪t come out, and you�۪re stuck inside figuring out something OTHER than watching TV to do. Often times this is a result of the weather not being as planned, and having to fill time allocated to some other activity. Many indoor activities can help bring families together, rather than TV that is often a silent process that does not connect people, or Internet surfing (as opposed to using the internet to find activities which is very different) which inherently separates people. Regardless of why you�۪re staying indoors, there are tons of fun things to do indoors on a rainy day!

Arts & Crafts

Books & Reading

Fun with Food

  • Books with Recipes ��� A directory of children�۪s books with recipes kids can try!
  • Honey! ��� Kids books and resources to educate children about bees, pollination, and how honey is made.
  • Fun Food ��� Easy ways to make food fun for kids, including recipes!
  • Activities for Kids ��� A variety of kids activities involving food, and learning about nutrition.
  • Nutrition & Food Activities for Kids ��� Recipes, and activities for kids to teach nutrition, a resource from the 4H.
  • Kids in the Kitchen ��� the NNCC guide to Cooking with Children.
  • 1-2-3 Grow! ��� A variety of indoor kids resources, including ���Food for Little Folks�۪.
  • Growing Vegetable Soup ��� A variety of food activities for Preschoolers.
  • Food for Thought ��� Fun activities with food for kids.
  • Fun Food Stuff ��� Fun ways to teach kids about food.

Games & Puzzles

Printable Activities

  • Coloring Pages ��� Free coloring book printables from Crayola.
  • Play with Clifford ��� A Great site for kids featuring a lot of printables related to the world�۪s favorite giant red dog!
  • Artist Helping Children ��� Several craft projects for children, including printables!
  • Free Kids Printables ��� Games, Color pages, and Puzzles for Kids to do indoors.
  • Coloring Books ��� Printable children�۪s coloring books from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.
  • Gardening for Kids ��� A collection of printables, and coloring pages for kids.
  • Farm Safety Games ��� Electronic and printable games to help kids to learn about farm safety.
  • KU Fun Stuff ��� Includes printables for children, and also airplane printables.
  • DLTK Growing Together ��� Printable activities for children.
  • Printables & Resources ��� Free resources and printables for teaching kids by Donna Young.
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