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Jackson Everest 4377 Sectional Quick Ship

The Jackson Everest 4377 Sectional Quick Ship features a clean contemporary look that melds well into nearly any decor.

The Everest sectional came into the furniture world last year and has been a customer sensation since its introduction. Large and spacious with very plush interior seat cushions, the comfort of this sectional sofa is second to none. The seating is made with bolstered pocket coils that are wrapped in groups to ensure durability and longevity -“ very much like the coils found in mattresses.

The Everest has two very defining features outside of the luxurious cover that are worth noting. The first feature is the large and comfortable chaise lounge seat that can be ordered on either the left or right side of the sectional. This extends out and is almost 6 ft deep making it easy to stretch one's legs -“ no matter how long they are. Relaxing on the chaise portion of the sectional is further enhanced by the softly padded arm rest. The chaise is a portion on this sofa sectional that is hardest to leave at the end of the day.

The second notable feature is the enormous ottoman -“ sometimes referred to by our customers lightly as a -"bed'. The ottoman is ideally suited to substitute as a coffee or cocktail table when one is not using it(more...)
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