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A lot of people may question why reading is so important because there are many things we can think of to do that seem more important than reading a good book. There are many different reasons why reading is important though and just because some people struggle with reading does not make them any less smart than those who are great readers. When taught properly, you can learn how to read quickly and easily. Reading is a fundamental skill to have in life as you will have to read something every day. Maybe you want to read for the joy of enjoying a good story, maybe you are reading a text-book for school, or maybe you're reading signs as you're traveling. Whatever the reason, words are everywhere.

Reading helps to develop your imagination. When you're reading, you're thinking. You can become an adventurer, a king, or even a princess, and travel anywhere in the world you want to. There is an endless amount of possibilities as to where your imagination can take you. The following resources will take you to websites that offer many fun games and learning activities to help you become a better reader:

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  • Turtle Diary – Turtle Diary has interactive games and activities that will teach you to recognize letters, as well as help you improve your writing, grammar, and vocabulary.
  • Scholastic.com – Scholastic has online reading and learning activities for students of all ages.
  • PBS Kids – Have fun learning to read with games such as Word Transformer, Super Why's Reading Power Bingo, Manny's Word Wrangler, and Wordplay.
  • Sesame Street – The website for the popular children's television show is online with reading videos, games, and activities.
  • Game Goo – Game Goo has many fun phonic and reading games available including Fearless Frieda, Paw Park, and Letter Bugs.
  • Starfall – Starfall is a website with free interactive phonics books and games for kids in first grade, kindergarten, and preschool.
  • Fun Fonix – Fun Fonix has free phonics games available including reading games, alphabet games, and spelling games.
  • Primary Games – Here you can play games such as Word Out, Word Grid, Space Word Defense, Torture the Teacher and more.
  • Roy the Zebra – Roy the Zebra offers reading games and guided reading for grades kindergarten through third. These games include high frequency words, full stops, capital letters, rhyming words, and more.
  • Book Adventure – This is a free program for grades K-8 to help motivate you to read. You can create book lists, take quizzes, and earn prizes.
  • Reading Rainbow – This website will encourage kids between the ages of 4 and 8 to love reading and books.
  • Skribble – Play this online game to make as many words as you can in a five-minute time frame.
  • Kids Read – Simply visit the section called "trivia and games" to play word scrambles and trivia games based on some of your favorite movies and books.
  • Road Hog Spelling – This is a great resource for grades K ��� 2 in which students can use this interactive activity to form words having three letters in them.
  • Words and Pictures – Join Colin the Clam and build sand castles. You can also join Salty Sam and write postcards and read silly sentences.
  • Word Magnets – Use sight words and phonics to create sentences. The object is to create as many sentences as you can with each picture. This game can also be played with friends.
  • Neo K12 – This website offers games, lessons, and educational videos from kids in grades K ��� 12.
  • Fun Brain – Here you can find reading related games as well as games in other subjects such as math and science.
  • Education.com – Use this website for educational and fun reading activities as well as writing, letters, math, numbers, and outdoor games.
  • Magic Keys – Magic Keys has free reading books available to download.
  • Kiz Phonics – Kiz Phonics has reading games for kids in Kindergarten, first, and second grades.
  • Knowledge Adventure – Knowledge Adventure has various free reading games that will help improve your vocabulary and sharpen your reading skills.
  • Literacy Zone – Literacy Zone has interactive spelling and words activities and games.
  • Toon University – This website is for first and second graders. Use it to learn abbreviations, capitalizations, punctuation, alphabetizing, and opposites.
  • My Education Stuff – Here you can find word, phonics, and reading games as well as comprehension strategies.
  • Foniks – Use Instant Sound and phonics to learn how to speak, spell, and write English.
  • A to Z Phonics – Here you can find phonics printables and new printables are added regularly.
  • Sadler Phonics – Use the activities and games to test your knowledge of words, sounds, and letters.
  • Soft Schools – Soft Schools has a good collection of worksheet generators and interactive flashcards.
  • Genki Phonics – To use Genki Phonics you simply click on the letters to hear the sound that each letter makes.
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