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Woodworking, by definition, is the process of making, carving or building something using wood. Whether you are an artist, an architect or furniture maker, woodworking is used by all types of professions and in various hobbies. Along with animal parts, mud and stone, wood was one of the first types of materials that humans worked with. The relationship between the development of civilization and the skill level of working with these types of materials were closely tied to each other.

The Chinese and Egyptians were the initial two ancient civilizations that first used woodworking. The most well-known Chinese woodworker was Lu Ban, who is said to have brought the chalkline, plane, and other woodworking tools to China. It is depicted in a large amount of ancient Egyptian furniture and drawings. A significant amount of ancient furniture in Egypt, such as wooden chests, beds, tables, and chairs, have been preserved in tombs. Inner wooden coffins have also been found inside the tombs. Tools that were commonly used in woodworking include bow drills, pull saws, chisels, adzes and axes, and were originally made by the Egyptians using copper. Historically, woodworkers are said to have used woods native to the regions in which they lived, up until transportation and trade came into effect. Woods used in woodworking can be sorted into three different categories: hardwoods derived from broadleaf trees, softwoods derived from coniferous trees, and man-made wood such as MDF or plywood.

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