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Woodcraft For Kids

Childrens Woodcraft Header

Children's Wood Crafts (Easy)

Children's Wood Crafts (Intermediate)

  • Wooden Marionette - Help your child build something which will continue to entertain after the stain dries.
  • Cub/Boy Scout Decorations - Celebrate joining the Scouts or the receipt of a new badge by building something to commemorate the occasion.
  • Make a Toy Vehicle - Make a toy car complete with a space for your favorite stuffed animal.
  • Alligator Wood Puzzle - More decoration than puzzle, this piece is perfect for a kidís room.

Children's Wood Building Projects (Easy)

Children's Wood Building Projects (Intermediate)

Father and Daughter Surfing the Web in Woodshop


Adult Woodworking Hobbies

Adult Woodworking Crafts

  • Wood Magazine Plans - Learn how to make various wood children toys from one of the most prestigious woodworking magazines in the United States.
  • Country Corner Crafts - Country-style crafts with full wood plans. Save money and feel a sense of ownership over what you put up in your home.
  • Make Your Own Wood Signs - Save money and add charm to your home and yard by making your own wooden signs.
  • Do It Yourself Wine Stand - Impress your friends with a completely unique DIY wine stand.

Adult Woodworking Projects (Easy)

  • Amateur Woodworker - Various plans for the beginning and amateur woodworker, easy to accomplish, and easy to understand.
  • Build Easy - Projects geared to the ambitious amateur woodworker. Clear instructions and graphics allow the amateur woodworker to accomplish much more the he or she may have thought possible.
  • Beginners Woodworking Projects - The people at Minwax help you get started.
  • Basic Woodworking for Beginners - offers text and video to give you the basics of woodworking.

Adult Woodworking Projects (Intermediate)

  • Bobís Plans - Intermediate woodworking projects with clear, concise instructions.
  • Do It Yourself Carpentry Index - Confused by the wording of a set of instructions? Forgot what dado rails are? Check out this index of terms.
  • Runner Duck Projects - These projects can get complicated, but the instructions are clear (and often interactive) to help do away with any confusion.
  • Free Woodworking Plans - From outdoor projects to bedroom furniture, this site has thousands of woodworking plans.
Small Wooden Toy Train Engine