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Participating in office yoga can be incredibly beneficial to the physical and spiritual self. Jobs requiring long hours in a desk, sitting can result in back pain and repetitive stress injuries. Daily anxiety and mental tension can lead to lower self confidence, increase blood pressure and be mentally destructive. Luckily, proper stretching can help alleviate the pain and allow relief overall. Office yoga is a series of movements, stretches and poses, allowing a moment of relaxation.

Sitting in a desk all day can not only be frustrating, it can be destructive to the health of the employee. Back problems, especially within the lower back begin. Also, the mental health of a person can deplete when in stagnant environments. Taking time to mentally check out or step away can also aid in the overall quality of work done. Office yoga is a creative and cost effective way to get away from the daily stresses of work.

Why Office Yoga?

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With the economy in the current state it is, most people can no longer afford most relaxing retreats. Vacations, which once used to be a part of normal life, have become far less common, even impossible for many families. This means so have spa days, massages, family reunions and the general activities known to relax and rejuvenate people. Yoga is a free and easy way to reclaim those special moments of calm and serenity during a normal day.

Most people who have never tried yoga think it is really difficult. They see famous people who practice yoga and have years of experience and think that�۪s the only way to do it. Luckily, this is far from the case. Basic yoga is very simple, so easy children all over the world practice yoga. The basics of breath, relaxation and meditation can be taught in just a few moments, by most teachers. The effects, on the other hand, can have a lifetime of benefit.

How Can I Practice Yoga During Work?

Every professional has time in their day for office yoga. Lunch and coffee breaks are the perfect time for most, though some people elect to practice from their home while watching television or during their commute. Most office yoga series only take about 10-15 minutes in total. This means in the time one professional could warm up, exercise, cool off and feel completely refreshed; another could run to the snack machine or to get another cup of coffee. In the long run, office yoga would prove to create a more productive, relaxed and focused worker.

All office yoga poses have been specifically designed to be done within an office or professional environment. Most of the positions can be done from a chair, though a few require moments on the floor or standing. As with all yoga, proper warm up should be used prior to the series of positions. Also, breath is a major focus in all practices, so be sure to breath large, tall breaths. All inhales should lift and raise the chest. Exhales should be time for release and slow movements into the next pose.

What Are the Benefits?

Office yoga can increase flexibility and strength in hard to sculpt muscles, including the abdomen, love handle area and arms. Maintaining breath is a major focus within yoga, making relaxation easier and stress more manageable. It is also incredibly convenient, perfect for daily practice. With so many positive effects, yoga is great for everybody.

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What Are Some Good Office Yoga Routines?

There are many options to consider when choosing a proper office yoga routine. Every skill level offers different poses or ways to increase the pull of a stretch. Luckily there are a few tried and true moves great for all skill levels choosing to partake in low impact yoga. Located below are a series of well respected office yoga positions. Included under each title is a list of links that should provide useful information and pictures.

Cat-Cow Stretch


Seated Forward Bend

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Mountain Pose Stretch


Neck Rolls


Seated Spinal Twist


Standing Pigeon


Wrist Stretch