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MIB 800001

The Zuo Modern MIB Lounge Chair rocks an iconic design which is very reminiscent of the 1960s. This chair is ideal for those who are looking to create a retro-inspired look in their own homes. It is perfect for those who love furniture which is just plain fun.

The frame of the chair has been constructed from fiber glass. Those who know their furniture materials will know that this material is nigh on breakable. You therefore should be able to put your Zuo Modern MIB Lounge Chair through its paces with barely a scratch on it. This is something that is going to last you many years if it is looked after properly.

The inside of the chair has been coated in a velour microfiber. This microfiber has been forged from some incredibly high quality materials to create a look which is not only pleasing but will really stand the test of time. The chair has two pillows inside, both of which have been stuffed perfectly to guarantee a comfortable seat for anybody that uses this chair.

For those that may be dubious of the amount of seating space available in a chair of this design, have no fear. There is plenty of it. The seating space within the pod stands at 35.5" inches high with 20.5" of space backwards. This means that even the larger people should find that thi(more...)
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