Sleeper Sofas and Sectionals


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Teamwork, Passion, and Improvement Since 1945: Ashley is an American furniture brand that dates back to 1945. Ashley Furniture started in Arcadia, Wisconsin with only 35 Employees. Today there are over 25,000 employees in 123 countries creating one of the largest home furnishings companies in the world. Ashley Furniture provides some of the best values in the home furnishing industry. Paying attention to the latest styles and trends combined with world class sourcing they are able to bring stylish and quality home furnishings at a price that will make you say “WOW”. Always making it better…continuous improvement since 1945. Ashley Furniture is always asking the questions. How do we make it better? How do we provide better value? How do we make our customers happier? It is this passion that makes Ashley Furniture what it is today.

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