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Even couch potatoes can get some exercise into their usually sedentary days. Many people just cannot afford to purchase all that sophisticated equipment that one�۪s local gym features to help people in losing weight. Working out is ultra-important because it does not only help people lose weight or keep it off, but it keeps people healthier than if they would not exercise. Because of revolutions in home exercise, it is no longer necessary that one goes to his or her local gym to get a satisfactory exercise session in his or her day. There are many ideas for how a person can get in good exercise from home.

Great Exercises

Walking ��� If one lives in a building, one can use the stairs to get some exercise while not leaving home. Simply walk up and down the flights of stairs in the building to get a low-impact aerobic workout into your day. Going up and down flights of stairs is also an effective way of toning the legs.

Running/Jogging ��� Running or jogging is a great exercise for one�۪s heart. At home, one can jog or run in place while doing another activity like watching TV or enjoying some music. The only thing one needs to run or jog in place is a pair of sneakers that provides great support to ease the stress to one�۪s legs.

Jumping Jacks ��� While jumping jacks may return one to memories of childhood, they are also fun and promote health. The exercise benefit of jumping jacks is twofold. First, jumping jacks allow one to warm up efficiently, and they also give one a good cardiovascular workout.

Boy Enjoying Pushups

Pushups ��� Pushups can provoke irritation in people because they seem like a hard exercise to perform. However, one can make minor modifications to traditional pushups if that makes this exercise more accessible. For example, at home, one can just get on one�۪s knees instead of keeping the legs straight while doing pushups.

Crunches ��� Crunches are known as a good at-home exercise for toughening up and building up the abdominal muscles. One should not fear not being able to get one�۪s head all the way up during a crunch. As long as one is able to stretch his or her muscles in a crunch, there will be at least some type of benefit.

Burpees ��� Burpees are an ideal exercise for the home because they are perfect for doing right in one�۪s living room. They are for aerobic exercise as well as for strength training. This exercise involves starting in a standing position and the dropping into a squat. Lowering oneself into a pushup as one kicks his or her feet back is next, and that is followed by getting back to the squat position as one straightens his or her arms. Finally, the exercise is complete when one leaps as high as is possible out of the squat.

Leg Lifts ��� Leg lifts are used to increase the strength and the stamina in one�۪s leg muscles. Leg lifts are meant to be done with one�۪s legs straight. However, if one finds this too hard for them to do properly, one can even bend them just a bit.

Squats ��� Squats work one�۪s legs as well as one�۪s buttocks. They can be performed with minimal weight or no weight at all to receive strengthening benefits. This site shows one how to correctly do a squat as well as other lower body exercises.

Lunges ��� Lunges can be done at home and strengthen the gluteal, quadriceps and hamstring muscles. One can even make this home exercise more intense and add the use of weights while doing lunges in front of the TV.


Senior Woman Stretching with Chair

Planks ��� One does planks by using a mat to lie down on with one�۪s forearms and palms resting on said mat. The next motion is to push off the ground while raising up onto one�۪s toes as keeping the weight firmly on the elbows. One can do this home exercise on only a small amount of space.

Jump Roping ��� Jump roping is an excellent at-home exercise because it allows one to do other things at the same time. It also raises one�۪s heartbeat, pulse and breathing rates, making it a good cardiovascular exercise. Jump roping allows one to still watch TV at home or listen to music.

Workout Videos ��� Workout videos are made for the couch potato who wants to get some exercise in. Just pop the workout video into the DVD player and clear a small space in front of the TV. Many workout videos usually feature exercise that can be done simply in one spot.

Step Exercises ��� Step exercises at the gym normally require special equipment. However, in one�۪s own home, one can just use the steps going up to the second floor in one�۪s house to do these exercises. Repetitively stepping up on the steps will tone one�۪s leg muscles.

Exercise Ball Workouts ��� Exercise ball workouts are also ideal for doing exercises at home. Exercise ball workouts can be done in a small space like a living room. The only equipment necessary is the exercise ball, which should not be to costly.

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